WWDC - CoreBluetooth Lab Findings

I’ve been working with CoreBluetooth over the last 12 months for my current client, goTenna. The goTenna is a small hardware device that pairs with your phone or BTLE enabled iOS or Android device and allows you to communicate with other goTenna users while off-grid. (The goTenna uses radio frequency to achieve this.)

While at WWDC last week, I was able to get many of our problems in front of a CoreBluetooth engineer and I thought it would be great to document what they said.

Our Issues

Write Errors

These are errors returned after writing a packet to your peripheral’s write characteristic. This error comes in via the following callback

- (void)peripheral:(CBPeripheral *)peripheral didWriteValueForCharacteristic:(CBCharacteristic *)characteristic error:(NSError *)error

The error happens intermittantly and when you get it, it has the awesomely descriptive text of ‘Unknown Error’.

Apple engineer comments:

  • This is the peripheral disconnecting during a write (thanks)
  • This was apparently identified and addressed during WatchOS development and will be available in 8.2+. We should see it less and get a disconnection
  • When you get it, you should now just the disconnect callback

Unexpected disconnections

Happening randomly during a stable connection

Apple engineer comments:

  • Behind the scenes in CoreBluetooth, there are constant handshakes going on between it and peripheral. What’s likely happening here is CoreBluetooth is not getting a response from one of these handshakes.
  • Recommendation is to do reconnect logic and attempt to rewrite your data (yay)
  • Can also gather bluetooth logs and submit them here: https://developer.apple.com/bug-reporting/ios/bluetooth/
  • Can also debug closer to the bluetooth chip on the peripheral.

Happening immediately following a connection being established

Apple engineer comments:

  • Occassionally, bluetooth chips can say they are connected when they actually aren’t (great)
  • Recommendation is to do reconnect logic and an initial write to your peripheral to confirm the connection is established

Happening more often in a heavy bluetooth traffic area

Apple engineer comments:

  • Yep, it’s a pain, huh? That’s bluetooth for you. (Lol)

No connection can be established

This we observed rarely and a restarting of bluetooth on the iOS device fixes it.

Apple engineer comments:

  • This was apparently identified and addressed during WatchOS development as well and will be available in 8.2+.
  • No clue how to troubleshoot this one.

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