Brooklyn Swift Meetup, NYC

WWDC this year was very exciting. Lots of new developments have come out.

Brooklyn Swift hosted a panel discussion with local Swift developers, experts in different areas impacted by the latest updates.

There is such a strong iOS community in NYC.. great questions from the audience and the panelists were super informative. It was great guiding a discussion keeping in mind to spend the right amount of time on each topic and the right balance of follow-up questions.

iOSoho Meetup, NYC

This talk explores the need to enable visibility into failures that occur during lab testing and field testing when you build apps for hardware. Consider the extra dimension of experiencing an issue when a field test user is in the middle of garden with no internet connectivity and just their phone and the hardware device. The app takes on the responsiblity of shedding light onto the problem.

Women in iOS (iOSoho) Meetup, NYC

This talk explores what changes when you’re building an app for a connected device that is also undergoing development. In many cases the app becomes the primary gateway to hardware/firmware issues especially those experienced during lab or field testing.

Brooklyn iOS Meetup, NYC

Working on a shared code base? Have issues maintaining code quality and consistency? TDD can help you get this under control. And it’s easier than ever in iOS. This talk looks at the strategies and tools you can use in either introducing TDD or propagating it more thoroughly throughout your iOS team.

Brooklyn iOS Meetup, NYC

In this interactive presentation, the story of building GoFest is told. An independent project bringing information about beer to beer festival goers nation-wide. The story includes technical pitfalls and victories. Through audience participation, she’ll construct a guide of self-taught “do’s and don’ts,” then make it available for download post-meetup.