Julietta Yaunches

Technologist, mobile architect and community leader based in Brooklyn, NY.

UIKonf - May 2019

Presenting: 'The Consistency Principle'


UIKonf is Berlin’s independent conference for serious iOS developers.


How many of us have worked on a codebase where the team is collectively like ‘Eh, we’ve got some serious issues here…’? We all have strong intentions to start a codebase out right and keep it right! Or, when we join an existing team & codebase, we intend to help right the ship. But, after a year or so, it spirals into more and more technical debt. This talk will introduce the idea of a ‘consistency principle’ and look at what it means to adopt it in an iOS codebase. Further, it will put forward the argument that when you maintain a focus on consistency in your architecture during day-to-day decision making and engineering you are more likely to have a codebase where it is easier to add new features, onboard new developers, and perform maintenance tasks.